Bay St

This was the first of 3 projects for Peter. Many years were spent on the thought, design and approval processes.

The construction involved large scale excavation, (including a pedestrian tunnel through the rock) and an exacting set of design documentation by MacCormick Architects which needed to be executed perfectly. Program and Budgets were a moving target but the one non–variable here was quality.

Winner of the Mosman Design Award 2013 – People’s Choice Awards – Excellence in The Built Environment.

Testimonial from Client

“It’s been over 8 years since I first started working with Gregor. In that time we have done 3 projects together. He was responsible for the construction of my house in Bay St, Mosman which won the Mosman Design Award and Mosman People’s Choice Award, and subsequently sold for an area record. More recently he renovated my next home in Mosman as well as a 4 bedroom beach front apartment in Manly. Gregor’s ability to work with his client’s needs and wants is what sets him apart from the rest. He motivates his staff, problem solves but above all has a very keen eye for detail. Trust is also a big factor. I would say he is a perfectionist and that’s what you want when you are investing in builds of this nature.”
Peter Papas
Managing Director - The Bantry Group
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