"I found Gregor to be the consummate professional with a high level of construction knowledge. His ability to sequence and motivate his sub-contractors and staff to execute the works in an appropriate and timely fashion was very refreshing."
Peter Blair
Structured Project Management
“It’s been over 8 years since I first started working with Gregor. In that time we have done 3 projects together. He was responsible for the construction of my house in Bay St, Mosman which won the Mosman Design Award and Mosman People’s Choice Award, and subsequently sold for an area record. More recently he renovated my next home in Mosman as well as a 4 bedroom beach front apartment in Manly. Gregor’s ability to work with his client’s needs and wants is what sets him apart from the rest. He motivates his staff, problem solves but above all has a very keen eye for detail. Trust is also a big factor. I would say he is a perfectionist and that’s what you want when you are investing in builds of this nature.”
Peter Papas
Managing Director, The Bantry Group
"If you want to sleep at night whilst building use Gregor Macdonald!!! Building from scratch is not for whimps. Gregor interpreted our concept perfectly, Gregor runs a tight ship and his tradesmen are excellent. The quality control is second to none and our job finished on time. Outcome is better than I imagined. Thanks to Gregor’s perseverance and driving the enthusiasm of his team to the completion."
Tina Hodgkinson
Client from Palm Beach
“I think Gregor and his team were somewhat daunted at the prospect of taking on an architects own home. I was wrong and he took to the task with relish by leading his team and subcontractors on a project that not only delivered our “dream home” but won a 2018 Master Builders Association award. I loved the whole process and being on the site daily with Gregor and his team was one of the highlights of my 35 year architectural career.”
Graeme Smith
"Gregor has been involved with some of the most complex architectural projects in Sydney and he provides a skill set that few are able to match. He is passionate about all aspects of building which is reflected in his delivery of the highest quality of workmanship. When faced with complex detailing and interchanging briefs, Gregor maintains the ability to provide alternative solutions to satisfy both the architectural intent and the quality of the build. Gregor is proactive when discovering latent conditions to deliver solutions that focus on the client’s best interest, but also achieving the highest possible standard. He is direct and constructive with his communication which gains the confidence of the clients and the respect of the architect, consultants and contractors."
Andrew Tzannes
Director, Smith & Tzannes
"I met Gregor Macdonald 3 years ago when I required a specialist builder to construct detailed concrete and steel infrastructure for a landscape that would elevate the value of an iconic Harbour-side Sydney house. The landscape has now become a keystone project of my company’s 20 year history and an iconic part of the foreshore. Since this project I have worked with Gregor for his talent to solve complex problems and his ability to see beyond the build and understand the vision of design. "
Myles Baldwin
Myles Baldwin Designs
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